All these things that I've done

I've tried my hand at a lot over the years:

  1. Lawn mowing for neighbors & a local primary school
  2. Trapper at a field & game club (shotgun range)
  3. Maintenance assistant for my high school
  4. Emergency department nursing assistant
  5. College Community Advisor
  6. After Hours Admin Assistant
  7. Gym & Equipment Coordinator
  8. Nightclub & mobile DJ
  9. Receptionist
  10. Data entry assistant
  11. Operations analyst
  12. Supply Chain Team Leader
  13. Cleaner
  14. Delivery driver
  15. Driving instructor
  16. RSL Club manager
  17. Barista
  18. Theatrical backdrop hire returns assistant
  19. Bartender / Sommelier & Beer Expert
  20. Cameraman for Jarrah Film
  21. Software Developer
Paparazzi @Co. with Mikey B
Playing Friday nights at Co. with Mykey B back in 2013
My love letter from MasterCard
Yes, I was once in middle management at MasterCard
Behind the bar at the SKRSL
Behind the bar at the Spotswood & Kingsville RSL Sub Branch back in 2013
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