When I can. I'm a bit of a ski bum, I'll stay off mountain in a tent so I can afford more time on the slopes. Downhill, a bit of off-piste. Ask me about my latest injury.
Computers not casinos. Mostly real time strategy like StarCraft and Rise of Nations. Just for fun though, you won't find me in any tournaments any time soon.
Tinkering with hardware controllers is a bit of fun. It can be useful too. Right now I'm building a little display that will help me remember to put the bins out. It'll even let me know if its the night I need to put out the recycling or green waste. I started with this hobby before I trained as a software engineer. So I knew a bit of C++ before going pro. Right now I'm training AI how to help others program Arduino and ESP controllers too.
When I have the time, and a garden. Renting isn't always compatible with our hobbies.
Gardening with the dog
Gardening, with the proper supervision
I make a mean hazy IPA, I am working on a tropical pale ale and have plans for an acorn beer this autumn.
I have hiked the Kumano Kodō through the Kii Peninsula in Japan, the Overland Track in Tasmania, and a lot of other trails around Victoria and New South Wales.
Standing at the start of the Overland Track
Hiking the Overland under snowy conditions in April 2021
Standing at the start of the Kumano Kodo
Hiking the Kumano Kodo with my partner and one of our friends in July 2014.
I used to surf, badly.
I have a short board to sell if anyone's interested.
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