Travel & Other Interests

My partner and I like to travel. Heading overseas, hiking, cruising, long road trips, you name it. I've only visited 7 countries outside Australia but we have plans for many more adventures.

Other things I have done during time off from work:

  • I ran as a candidate for the Australian Federal Senate in 2016.
  • I used to volunteer at the local RSL club. I started off cleaning the club and working the bar, that led to being hired as club manager. I ran the Spotswood & Kingsvile RSL for a year not including my time as a volunteer.
  • While at the RSL I reconditioned their old espresso machine that had been in a shed gathering dust for many years. In order to learn how to make it sing I got myself a casual job as a barista in a busy café on Flinders Street. I also got pointers from the late Sisto Malaspina during a few late night visits to Pellegrini’s. I can still make a mean coffee, but my latté art is a bit rubbish now.
  • I was headhunted from the RSL to become a beer expert at Hudsons Road Wine & Beer. While I was there I trained as a WSET Level 2 Sommelier. I also learned a lot about cheese and charcuterie.
  • Started off a career as a professional DJ. I cobbled together a collection of PA and lighting equipment intending to pick up some mobile DJ gigs, you know birthday parties, weddings, etc. Instead I spent a few years as a club DJ playing venues like The Powell Hotel Footscray, "Co." at Crown Melbourne, and Deluxe Bar in Moonee Ponds.
Some of my best latté art
At the peak of my career, as a barista. Not sure if the RSL patrons appreciated this as much I hoped they would
WSET classroom
Sampling some of the good stuff during sommelier training. The Yabby Lake Pinot on the right is particularly good.
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